“GOE IP” is a Norwegian holding company in concern operating companies to produce oil around the world. “GOE” build their business models on experience developed at the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) in oil and gas production.
“GOE Chalk” is the operational company for West Europe and connects all IPR and knowledge “GOE” holds in the company possession. Expedience from NCS indicates that production from mature fields in Ukraine can be increased, substantially.
Combining the skills of Ukrainian and Norwegian professionals in the hydrocarbon oil industry a strong and professional team is in place to produce and manage outcome from any production.
Twenty five persons on MsC and PhD level with experience in decades from each country are available to support an operational team and production plans.
More detailed, together we combine Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary production methods. Primary and Secondary production methods has been applied with great success at NCS. Any outcome of tertiary production will be considered as add on benefits to any investment, as tertiary recovery is considered experimental around the world.  
“GOE” and “GEKOM” are capable of investing into own and external projects. However, we also invite relevant investors to co-invest in our projects.
UBO Unified Beneficial Owner “GOE-IP” and “GOE-Chalk”: Asle Ravnås
UBO Unified Beneficial Owner “GEKOM”: Vasil Svarychevskiy
The ownership of “UNEK-LLC” is 50% to “GEKOM” and 50% to “GOE-Chalk”.