“Support and fulfill UA objective to become Energy independent”

«UNEK»  Ukrainian – Norwegian Energy Company –LLC, is a company developed to operate oil fields in Ukraine in accordance by use of best worldwide practice. The Company aims to recover maximum oil and gas from the fields by use of production methods protecting the local environment. The objective is – to establish environmental and economic sustainable production. This means that any production does not expose surrounding agriculture wildlife or societies to any harm. Any revenues are returned back to owners and local and national community. The company can enter into projects as investor and as an operator. The company enters into new field (Greenfields) and mature fields (Brownfields) of carbonates and sandstone structure.

As an operator, we take responsibility for the production and safe operation includes sale of production, and reports to government institutions of any project the company enters into as operator. Prior to any field engagement, a prediction of producible reserves is made and quality controlled. Any engagement and investment are based on estimated producible reserves and the risks involved. Based on estimated producible volume vs investment needs to incorporate and operate the production Net Present Value (NPV) is calculated for the project. The project-NPV is the guideline for any engagement.

«UNEK» operates according to any national rules and regulations. Any investor will have access to follow their investments via webpages where costs production and revenues are accounted on weekly basis.  

«UNEK» is supported from Ukraine and Norway.

Two companies own «UNEK-LLC»: “GOE-Chalk” and “Galician Energy Company” (GEKOM). A Norwegian Small Medium Enterprise (SME) specializing in optimizing production from oil reservoirs. GEKOM is a Ukrainian Holding Company owning several fields in Ukraine.

In recovering as the Company is developed to manage day-to-day operations:

  • Optimize production;
  • Control and surveillance the environment affected by the operations;
  • Undertake measures to avoid pollution;
  • Sell the oil and gas produced;
  • Transport the oil and gas to buyers;
  • Treat any waste from according to rules and regulations and internal routines.